Ali | Luxury chocolate brand


Creating a visual identity for the luxury chocolate brand ‘Ali’ that is known for the chef Ali. A visual identity should breathe premium quality and creativity that are integral ingredients of each piece of chocolate.

Our solution

Ali desserts are known for their name so all of the attention goes to it. Letter ‘A’ in the logo crumbles like chocolate. The rest of minimalist black visual identity represents luxurious, high quality products. New identity was rolled-out across stores, packaging and digital communications. It had an instant success in the market.


‘200 Best packaging Design Worldwide’
‘200 Best packaging Design Worldwide’

Diploma for Best Sign/Logo, White Square, International Advertising & Marketing Festival


The first Ali chocolate shop was so successful that the second one was quickly opened along the extension of the product line and possible expansion into international markets.


This project was created as part of New! Creative Agency.