Drama Burger | Gourmet burger chain in USA & Europe


We were asked to design a visual identity that would break through the clutter of countless small eateries in the city. The new identity should have a strong character and reflect the philosophy of the place and the chef – creating outstanding burgers that are hard to forget.

Our solution

We started with a name that would instantly grab your attention – it’s all about the drama in the burger.

Equally strong, unique illustration style-based visual identity was created to be rolled out across all means of communication.



‘KNIFE & FORK– The best
visual identities for
restaurants, food and
beverages 2014’

Bronze for Design
identity, Adrenalinas
advertising festival, 2014


Drama Burger became enourmous success in the city where in the very instant three new burger chains opened and suddenly every restaurant had a burger on the menu.

Due to huge success the founders felt strong enough to open another restaurant in the highly competitive US market.


This project was created as part of New! Creative Agency.