Džiaugsmas | Happiness restaurant


A famous local chef started prototyping his next venture – a refreshed touch to the olden Lithuanian cuisine, which was famous for food as a gasoline for humans, consumed in enormous portions. Not anymore. The chef wanted the restaurant to become the place of delicate enjoyment, rather than stuffing oneself full.

Our Solution

We named the newborn place “Džiaugsmas” (“Happiness”). The idea for the visual identity was inspired by Medieval religious paintings with serene, enlightened expressions on saints’ faces. We wanted to portray the inner happiness, the feeling of content in which people would be engulfed while dinning at “Happiness”. Six characters with halo-like plates behind their heads were hand drawn to become interchangeable part of logo and a tiny details to tell the story of a brand new take on local food. A few months later “Happiness” was named no.2 in “30 Best Restaurants in Lithuania” poll.


This is our second project with the same chef. We previously created visual identity for his first restaurant Stebuklai (Lithuanian word for Wonders). Check it out here.

This project was created as part of New! Creative Agency.