Hello hungry | Food start-up in London


An enthusiastic drink inventor appraoched us with an idea to launch a liquid meal replacement in London. His idea was – if people can eat junk, they can drink the good stuff.


The liquid meal category is expanding and now is filled with major players, running huge campaigns and investing in distribution – we can easily get confused among them and then we all know  what the ending will be like. So we dug deeper and after an extensive research we found the niche for liquid meal – office people. Working in specific conditions: sitting for long hours in front of the screen, moving so very little, quite often not having any time for lunch.

Our solution

Together with the product team we created a final product, a brand, an identity and much more – a solution, which we called ‘The essential liquid meal for survival in the office jungle’. We named it “Hello Hungry”.

We wanted it in no way to resemble a protein shake or a fruity dessert, because it’s not what that is. It’s a liquid meal rich with goodness.

So we illustrated the ingredients and crafted words to convince people to throw away junk food snacks and give themselves a nutritious medal for their hard work.


This project was created as part of New! Creative Agency.