Makalius | From one man business to one of the key travel agencies in Lithuania


MAKALIUS was started as one man’s business and over the years grew into one of the most famous and trusted travel agencies in Lithuania. Naturally, an old amateur logo was not able to communicate the qualities of service the company was known for.  Our task was to come up with the idea for the logo, slogan and a visual identity that would help MAKALIUS to stand out in the highly competitive market without loosing it’s personality.

Our solution

The key idea was to reflect the feeling of discovery and joy that every new place brings to travellers. Having chosen running legs that also resemble capital M as the main logo, we created a strong and recognisable visual language based on illustrative representation of the logo.

The visual  identity is very flexible and dynamic and does not always require the actual official logo to be used on communications. As long as the leg motif is used, we believe it’s strong enough to give recognition. The flexibility and dynamism of the identity goes hand in hand with the character of the company – always in search for new exciting places encouraging to never stop exploring.


This project was created as part of New! Creative Agency.