Wonders | Fine dining restaurant


To create the name, messaging, visual identity & interior for a new Vilnius restaurant specializing in modern Baltic cuisine. Run by one of the young emerging chefs of the region restaurant’s food is playful and ever surprising, so we needed to think of a name with a hint of magic too.

OUR solution

It will take years for Vilnius to become the new Copenhagen, but let’s build on the ambition of the chef and his team. The restaurant is named ‘Wonders’. Wonders start with food and continue through the whole dining experience. Every detail from shape-shifting logo to the menu is full of stories and wondrous visuals – all of it serves to strengthen the concept of small bits of magic in every step and in every bite.

Featured in


‘KNIFE & FORK – The best visual identities for restaurants, food and beverages 2014’




Stebuklai gained recognition for their amazing cuisine and a distinctive visual approach. They were featured in the media and in 2015 were named one of the best restaurants in Lithuania.


This project was created as part of New! Creative Agency.